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Health Assessments made easy and accessible

DigiCHA takes the internationally recognized common assessment form established by interRAI and presents it in a fresh and well flowing format. DigiCHA standardizes the input process to facilitate the management and measured improvements in clients over time. Extensive client-specific results will provide information to health service providers to support clinicians in the creation of care plans and making informed decisions.
DigiCHA takes the assessment process and breaks it down into digestible segments based on the clients needs. The current suite of interRAI assessments are available for use now.

Digicha is now interRai Licensed


Preliminary Screener


Community Health Assessment


The CHA comes with four supplements that can be triggered for completion based on your clients' needs


Functional Supplement


Mental Health Supplement


Deafblind Supplement


Assisted Living Supplement

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See what other interRAI assessment suites are coming to the new DigitalRAI.

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DigiCHA on any device.

DigiCHA is a browser based solution and was designed to run on computers, laptops or mobile tablets using the browser of your preference – providing a way to capture all of the required data for use in producing the calculated CAPs and Outcome Scores.
DigiCHA works on all desktops and devices
You can securely fill out assessements offline
Secured offline capability for rural areas

Take assessments to remote/rural areas where internet is not available. Complete the single tool assessment with the full suite of algorithms driving your results even while you are disconnected from the internet.
Keep it Simple

Completing and managing assessments becomes a simple task with DigiCHA. Complex workflows are made easy as the tool guides you through the process, providing constructive feedback to ensure the sinlge tool assessment is completed without errors or duplication.
We like to keep things simple at DigiCHA
All data is double checked to make sure that it is correct
Data validation and calculated results

From the moment you log in you are guided by DigiCHA to produce your single tool assessment. All data entered into DigiCHA is validated to ensure it meets data quality standards, informing users of any violations so they can be easily corrected. Additional algorithms based on InterRAI requirements drive the calculated results such as scales and the clinical assessment protocols (CAPs) which can be used for creating care plans. Webinar Training. Learn all you need to use DigiCHA to complete your Screener and CHA assessments in live online training sessions with the experts! See how easy a single tool assessment can be.
3rd Party Data Exchange

DigiCHA seamlessly integrates into the best client management systems allows for demographic information and results to be electronically transferred between your client management systems electronic medical/health record (EMR/EHR) and DigiCHA.
Allow your data to be exchanged with a third party

Provide greater care with less hassle.

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